June 28, 2022

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As the countdown to tomorrow’s supreme court nomination draws closer, the need for a close investigation of Joe Biden’s pick, DC Judge Ketanji David Brown (KDB), for the lifetime role of a supreme court justice has become pertinent.

Maimi born Ketanji Brown, if selected, will become the first black woman to be elected judge much in the footsteps of Barack Obama and Kamala Harris, who both made a fool of themselves as the first black-whatever they became.


While this may be historic for some, a seat at the judicial apex of the world’s most powerful nation is neither a race nor gender compensation package. As such, Ketanji must be subjected to the most-intense blinding lights to prove her mettle.


Speaking of race and gender, a supreme court nominee who cannot define the word ‘woman’ simply because “she is not a biologist” is a red flag and a slap on the face of the many who hope to see a ‘black woman’ win. Her supporters must be made up of illiterate fools or certified biologists.


As Gingrich says, her decision not to answer may well be an answer on its own. An answer that speaks dangerous allegiance to the radical leftist camp where the pro-abortionists, non-binary warlords, and protagonists for a plethora of pronouns live. Like a zombie cult, these far-left groups have mostly thrown their weight behind Ketanji, probably seeing the strong puppet quality she so struggles to hide before the panel.


While over 48,000 pages of her records with the Sentencing Commission remain withheld from house committee scrutiny, the few so far looked upon certifies Ketanji as a tainted judge with skewered leniency towards child-pornography offenders.


If there’s one more thing to worry about, it’s the fact that Ketanji may secretly share the anti-democratic sentiment that the supreme court needs to be packed with more judges to upend its current Republican majority setting.


This is not far-fetched from the growing calls to impeach Justice Clarence Thomas because his wife, Virginia, supports Trump and works for the Republican party. Ironically, over 90% of Democrat lawmakers calling for Thomas’ termination have relatives that work in the Capitol or for left-leaning political and civil rights groups.


Congress Republicans must look beyond the race-baiting antics of Democrats and properly scrutinize Ketanji Brown to identify her ideology, her moral and religious standing, her respect for the rule of law and the constitution and her capacity to render judgements unadulterated by partisanship in the interest of the good people of America.

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