May 25, 2022

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The current political landscape in the UK is becoming a matter of great concern as parties and politicians wage unwarranted and unnecessary war against Prime Minister Boris Johnson the elected Prime Minister of the state whose fate as a PM now hangs on a balance following a torrid of warfare and vilification unleashed against him from all sides with the Labour party leading the offensive from a growing animosity and covert act of vengeance evidently spilling over, brewing from the Brexit saga as he is still seen as the hand of Brexit by his detractors, including Eurocentric politicians and even those from his own party who are still reeling from the successful actualisation of Brexit finding any slight opportunity to oust him.
In the mix of these are pressing issues locally and internationally that requires more attention but the UK politicians and media decided to prioritise and are focused on unnecessary bickering and pettiness over so-called Covid parties allegedly held by some of his officials during lockdown in 2021 instead of focusing on core issues ranging from the growing threat from Russia, China, inflation, and a new movement of wokism and cancel culture of the Liberal left and media brewing from the United States of America.

The United Kingdom continues to embarras herself at the world stage with these trivialities and putting up sanctimonious behaviours, playing dirty politics which has led to countless resignations of top civil servants who are expected by the system to become angels in their respective jobs but in contrast has taken away from the people, great men and women with quality to drive good governance for all. This type and level of scrutiny and investigations into the conduct of government officials will not do any good for the country. The breach of covid rules by both the leaders and the led, whether appropriate or not also happened in other countries of the world including the United States where we have on several occasions witnessed President Biden and his officials both in the House and Senate flagrantly flouting Covid rules and still standing in their respective roles and offices, also the Salongate story involving Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the House attending a secret hair dressing session inside a salon without putting mask on whilst the rest of the country was on strict lockdown is one of those too.
It would be interesting to know how many other Presidents and prime ministers of other nations that kept to the letter and spirit of their own Covid laws and the media are not talking about them as Sky News and BBC are shamelessly doing to this Prime Minister currently. Mistakes are for humans to make and there is no best answer or solution to Covid because we learn as we go, neither are Boris detractors any better than the leader himself. The United Kingdom needs to be very careful and must step away from this extreme act of righteousness and “I know it all” syndrome and start learning to grow up politically, because right now their weakness as a strong nation is very much exposed.

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