May 25, 2022

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    • In the latest in a series of unending witch hunts, the US Congress House Oversight Committee (HOC) is now frantically seeking the court of appeal to grant permission to expose all of Trump’s personal financial records since 2017.


The litigation which began in 2019 following some financial allegation by Michael Cohen — the disgruntled, flippant Trump ex-lawyer — is aimed at merely finding out whether the lower house is performing poorly in its duties to checkmate presidential powers.


Sri Srinivasan, a lower court judge, once argued that such a disclosure request is a massive breach of privacy that cannot be granted except in cases where absolutely necessary. This view is also corroborated by Trump’s lawyer, Cameron Norris, who adds that the request is an affront on the executive powers which sets a dangerous precedent for coming presidents.


For six years, the Democrats have remained restless in their quest to uncover the length and breadth of Trump’s wealth. They are now willing to hurl such private and sensitive documents to the global public for a purpose as flimsy as a “routine performance evaluation.”


Here’s a proof to show the HOC ulterior aim is clearly to bring Trump to his knees.


The committee argues that Trump’s financial records are so distinctive and precarious to the situation at hand. If this is so, then the records, by virtue of its distiveness, fail to qualify as a model for setting precedents for future presidents.


The committee also argues that they need the information to evaluate their role and performance in check-mating executive powers. As Trump’s lawyer had explained, the committee can go ahead and improve their role and performance toward the executive arm without looking at Trump’s records. This is how they have been functioning before Trump came into power.


The third lie propagated by the HOC is that the documents pose a threat to national progress. Apparently, there are many graver things that have and still pose a threat to national security and progress. Some of them are:

Biden’s catastrophic failure as president including his irresponsibility which led to the deaths of dozens of US citizens in Afghanistan.

The new Omicron variant and its threat on the US economy.

Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with China and Ukraine.

Obama’s corrupt deals with Iran.

US staggering inflation.


The witch hunt, the heartless hunt down, the wicked and humiliating tirade, where does it all end?

Judge Amit P. Metha, Sri Srinivasan and other DC circuit judges must do better to uphold justice and end the politically motivated witch hunt.

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