May 25, 2022

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On January 6th 2021, Former US President, Donald Trump addressed a crowd of aggrieved US voters urging them to protest peacefully and quietly.


Moments before riots ensued, Trump called in the US national guard — a call that never was answered until violence had erupted. The January 6th committee  in all its investigations, has never bothered to ask why.


The FBI, back in August, had declared that there are no evidences that the attack on the Capitol was coordinated by Trump or any of his suspected former staff.


Joe Biden and the January 6th house committee still continues the witch hunt and have now removed Trump’s presidential right to communication confidentiality, setting a highly dangerous precedent for disaster for all future ex-presidents.



Six months and some millions of taxpayers dollars after, the January 6th committee has proven nothing new about the attack on the Capitol except one thing — their intent to scuttle President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential ambition. For the eight Democrats and two pseudo-Republicans who make up the committee, a growing disdain continues to overshadow their frail hopes of doing Biden’s dirty job, as new evidence repeatedly proves (1) Trump never planned nor encouraged the protest  (2) Trump was right and the election was rigged and stolen.


The only milestone to this fruitless pursuit has so far been the threat and harassment meted out to former staff of POTUS45. Over 30 former White House officials have been issued subpoenas to appear for a deposition, even without evidence of their involvement or participation in the Jan 6th violence. Quite ironically, no subpoena exists for Mr Hunter Biden, the proven criminal son of US President Joe Biden whose corrupt dealings with China and Ukraine is widespread.


The committee with the aid of the Judiciary, continues to humiliate these former white house staff, stripping off their legal entitlement to executive privilege during testimony — a horrific idea that has now caused former White House Chief of Staff,  Mark Meadows, to terminate his cooperation with the committee.


The worst behaved is Biden. Still battling from a growing fallout with Kamala Harris, triple-terrible border crisis, the worst US inflation in over a decade, and thousands of deaths at Afghanistan on account of his presidential foolishness, Biden, with his piss-poor ratings, is frantically latching on to the old script of “vilifying the predecessor” to shift attention and stay relevant.


The latest decision to waive off Trump’s executive privilege shows Biden will go as far as destroying sacrosanct presidential confidentiality rights, just to show hatred for Trump whose achievements in four years makes his entire public service look like a fruitless waste.


While these acts by Biden, the supreme court and the January 6th committee remain utterly condemnable to all people of rational reasoning, a further undoctored investigation,  the unearthing of communication documents and countless private witness investigation will only work to prove three things:

The innocence of Trump and his former staff.


The worthlessness of the January 6th committee


The threat Trump poses to the failing Democrats in 2024 and the helpless hatred they have for him.

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