August 13, 2022

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It’s a black friday bloodbath. The latest in a series of vicious unrestrained massacres by Islamic Jihad extremists targeting unarmed Christians living in Northern Nigeria.
This time, several truckloads of Fulani terrorist extremist — better known to Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari as ‘misguided brothers’ — stormed the predominantly Christian village of Te’egbe, in Bassa Local Government, Plateau, Jos, killing scores of unarmed children and the elderly and razing down close to 100 homes.

A stone-throw away from the attack which happened at approximately two hours to midnight, is a Nigerian Army Headquarters housing over 1,000 soldiers, confirming fears that the Nigerian government is at worst complicit, and at best painfully apathetic to the plight of helpless Christians in the North-central part of Nigeria.

11 confirmed bodies have so far been counted. The state governor, Simon Lalong has vehemently condemned the attacks vowing to bring justice, but there is yet to be an official statement from the nation’s president, Muhammadu Buhari. To the average Nigerian, killings like these sadly, have become a staple gory to live with, as relatives of the deceased turn to time as the only slow but sure source of comfort.

The latest attacks which is the second since US Secretary, Anthony Blinken’s visit to Nigeria, casts an ugly spell on the US recent delisting of Nigeria as a major violator of religious freedom — a move many have criticized as rash, ill-informed, and a dangerously stupid decision.

The US must stand on the path of objectivity and desist from playing international politics with the lives of marginalised Christians. It must retrace its steps back to the USCIRF report which confirms Nigeria a high-level violator of religious freedoms.
The latest killing is another wake up call for the United Nations to act and uphold the right to religious freedom in Nigeria.

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