January 24, 2022

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Youngkin Reveals Democrat Woes in Virginia Victory

Republicans continue to celebrate flipping Virginia’s governorship seat. Last week, former businessman and Republican flag bearer, Glenn Youngkin, defeated Terry McAuliffe to clinch victory in the 74th commonwealth governorship title race. Here are some of the lessons from the elections.


*The Old Trump vilification isn’t working anymore.*


It’s no news how democrats thrive on hate and character assassination as a campaign tactics.

McAuliffe spent a good part of his campaign hurling cheap smear at his Republican opponent and trying to ruin Youngkin’s reputation by regurgitating the stale anti-Trump BS. As the results show, many citizens of the commonwealth have now moved past the stage of gobbling baseless vilification spurned by poorly manipulative Democrats, to real world problems and solutions — something Democrats are abysmal at addressing.


Experts have called the Virginia election a litmus test for “what will no longer work” come 2022.


*Parents will always have a right over their children.*


The other bulk of McAuliffe’s failure stemmed from his odious campaign that sought to drive a wedge between parents and their right to decide for their kids. McAuliffe was quoted as saying that “parents should have absolutely zero say in what their children are taught in Virginia schools.”

With this singular comment he destroyed his chances, infuriated agitated Virginia parents already sceptical about the introduction of critical race studies, odious sexuality studies and counter-religious teachings making the rounds across schools in the US.


*Mail in voting must be done right*


Outgoing governor, Ralph Northam, had earlier this year, signed mail in voting into law to become a permanent part of Virginia election. But this was done on the condition that mail in ballots can only be ordered, filled and served to registered voters.


The dangerous practice of granting unregistered voters and cross-border aliens access to mail in ballot papers led to the catastrophic rigging of the 2020 presidential election in many states across the US. States which refuse to make voter registration a mandatory criteria for casting votes only have one agenda — rigging.

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