October 1, 2022

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Recently the United Kingdom haulage industry suffered a major disruption creating chaos and panic and concerns countrywide around food deliveries, fuel and other haulage services as a result of the shortage of Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers (HGV) and this has led to an explosion in different thoughts and opinions played out in the country’s political corridors of power and Parliament by some opportunists and narrative formers who had tried to spin out of proportion the root cause of these shortages which was not just a UK issue alone. A wider research has proven that these shortages of HGV drivers affecting the supply chain are in fact a worldwide problem not just in the UK, but also in Europe and the United States and these were as a result of the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, an ageing workforce and the issue of demography.

Similar to the era of empty shelves in supermarkets last year resulting from panic buying when Covid-19 first struck, some politicians, Liberal Mainstream media only succeded in creating unnecessary tensions in the land through negative, irresponsible remarks and less constructive reporting quickly fanning the ugly flames of bitter politics on the country’s economic projection leading to backlashes against the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government over the issue and handling of the shortage of Heavy Goods Vehicles drivers. These unnecessary hypes led to weeks of panic buying leaving petrol station forecourts empty and out of fuel and gasoline supplies.

Opportunists and advocates especially of the Remain Movement jumped to quick conclusions to blame the PM and Brexit as the single and only cause of the driver shortages as the UK has successfully exited the European Union. These narratives are false and a pure political red-herring and the Prime Minister must stand tall in his resolve without distraction to run the socio-economic affairs of the country. If by any assumption Brexit has been the root cause of the shortages this is exactly good proof that Brexit is working as British jobs are meant to be created by the Brexit to curb the influx of European workers over the decade which undercut the wages of ordinary British workers thereby creating a massive unemployment hole for locals between 8% in early 2010 to 8.5% at the end of 2011 due to the importation of cheap labour from Europe.

One fact is certain, these shortages are a good sign that unemployed UK workers are ready to fill in the gaps and take back jobs arbitrarily taken away from them by aggressive wage cuts caused by fierce competition from European service workers especially from Eastern Europe.

As a solution to the current issue, the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) must speed up the testing of the army of prospective HGV drivers in their thousands ready to fill the gaps left by the dwindling number of the heavy-duty drivers’ workforce as a result of the effects Covid-19 and other natural factors and the Boris Johnson government must focus on moving the country’s vision forward undeterred and undistracted by the internal politics and media bias.

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