November 27, 2022

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“I’m not making [a] new law. I’m eliminating bad policy.” — Joe Biden, (Feb 2021) on Trump’s border policy.
After departing nearly 6000 Haitians and flooding the Del Rio border with more crass scenes of thousands of migrants daily taking shelter under pedestrian bridges, the US President, Joe Biden, now appears to have replaced Trump’s immigration policy with a much comparatively worse border policy.
Crude as it may have seemed to some, Trump’s policies were ultra-effective. A border wall plus daily reminders of his zero tolerance for illegal immigration helped dissuade throngs of mildly uncomfortable neighbours from swarming into the US. Biden in contrast, has only offered deadly mixed signals — a welcoming open ‘border arm’ in front of the camera and suppressed acts of hostilities behind it.
Apparently, it’s not only citizens of the earthquake-ridden Haiti that are being sent home indiscriminately. US residents from Vietnam and Mexico are also silently being shown the exit door, in most cases, without a chance to file for asylum and without financial support to begin a new life, just like it is done in the UK.
Presently, thousands of Mexicans can no longer hide their disappointment with the current administration. The same goes for Guatemalans who once dealt V.P Kamala the most memorable political disgrace back in June. While there is no law forbidding deportation of residents, especially on justifiable grounds such as espionage or other criminal convictions, Biden’s antics has made the process all the more odious. It is grossly unjust to send people back home without any means of financial support to fall back on, especially after they must have lived a significant part of their life in America.
To this, Biden and Harris and the whole cacophony of Democrats lauding incompetence, must do better.

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